• Finally, another tank top!

    Finally, another tank top!

    On Sunday my friend Neko (of NF Cosplay) and I went to the Stoffmarkt Holland in Munich, a traveling fabrics market. I’ve always wanted to go there, but somehow I’ve constantly missed the markets in Mannheim or Ludwigshafen, which are actually much closer to me. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when Neko asked […]

  • Raluca’s Cowl & Adventures in Romania

    Raluca’s Cowl & Adventures in Romania

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in Romania for a week. I’ve been to Timișoara a few times over the last six years or so, but I never had as much fun there as this time. I enjoyed taking time for myself to do nothing: I spent a lot of time just […]

  • Budapest, My Love

    Budapest, My Love

    I’ve been back from Budapest for a few days now, but I basically haven’t been doing anything but sleep and eat since then. I’ve had a wonderful time, met wonderful people and saw wonderful things … there was so much wonderfulness that it was exhausting. Budapest remains my great love and I’ve enjoyed being back […]

  • Helsinki 2012

    Helsinki 2012

    I was in Helsinki over the weekend to visit a dear friend of mine. Ol’ landlubber me was of course very impressed by the sea and all the huge ships, haha! For the first two days we looked at all the tourist-y spots in the city, like the churches and all the other important buildings. […]

  • Budapest

    Thought it’s high time I got myself a craft blog after posting that stuff all over the internet for years now. (Next stop on my way to becoming a crazy knitting cat lady: a cat.) I’ve been to Budapest recently, and everytime I visit this city I spent an extraordinary amount of money because I […]