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  • Crafting books: Socks, the 2000s, and my favourite knitting books ever!

    Crafting books: Socks, the 2000s, and my favourite knitting books ever!

    There’s an abundance of free knitting patterns out there, of which I regularly make use of myself. It’s great if you don’t have much extra money to spend on your hobby, where even the cost of the material can be rather expensive. However, I like supporting designers whose work I love too. Plus, I love […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

    I apologize for the late post! I was on the road during the holiday and spent yesterday in bed with Aunt Flo. Day 18 Skirt: Pour quelques jours I really, really wish I had lined this skirt! I love wearing it, but I leave in constant fear of an incident thanks to the flowy, light […]

  • This one for parties, Artsy Edition

    This one for parties, Artsy Edition

    Before our outdoor photoshoot for my This one for parties jumper I had originally planned to have my picture taken sitting on stone stairs while reading a book. Unfortunately, the streets were still wet from the rain; but when it started raining again, we went to Peiyi’s room and I jumped at the chance to […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Three

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Three

    Day 11 Dress: Jane Bennet Dress Day 12 Top: Death of the Endless tanktop I love this tanktop, although I’ll probably make the neckline higher when I make another one as planned. As of now, I would feel uncomfortable in seminars because it kinda screams “BOOBIES! LOOK AT MY BOOBIES” … 😉 That said, I love […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Two

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Two

    I’m reaaaally tired after this two-day convention, so today’s Me-Made-May round-up is gonna be short and sweet! 🙂 Day 4 Jumper: Such Flattering Puff Sleeves I love to combine this seater with my red trousers and skirts; it’d feel to boring together with black. Day 5 Shirt: Wearable Muslin Shirt I honestly didn’t want to […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

    I know we’re talking about a very short week here, but I’m too excited about Me-Made-May to wait until next Sunday. 😛 Day 1 Jumper: This one for parties Hat: Dark Green Hat (unblogged, link to Ravelry) Warm and beautiful! Though I do need more skirts to go with it. The hat I’ve come to love, even […]

  • A Stitch in Time: This one for parties

    A Stitch in Time: This one for parties

    I was fairly overdressed when my friend Peiyi and I met up for lunch at the local Falafel restaurant this Friday. I had donned red lipstick, my black oxfords and my new sparkly jumper and felt quite fabulous! Afterwards we went and snapped a few pictures of the whole outfit; even though it was a miserable, […]

  • A Stitch in Time: To Wear With A Summer Suit

    A Stitch in Time: To Wear With A Summer Suit

    I wish I could say I finished this sweater in the time between posting my Such Flattering Puff Sleeves sweater and today. The truth of the matter is, sadly, that I started this garment sometime in August 2014 and have been working on it until March 2015, with long breaks inbetween. To think this was […]