• September Works in Progress

    September Works in Progress

    Ruby by Joan McGowan-Michaels This cardigan pattern has been in my queue ever since I joined Ravelry over ten years ago. I always dreamed about knitting it once I was skilled enough. Ever since I finally downloaded it though, I’ve been struggling with it. I just have a hard time reading it, I seem to […]

  • Pink A-Line Sage Cardigan

    Pink A-Line Sage Cardigan

    I admire people whose wardrobe is entirely handmade. A few years ago I had the same goal, but I’ve slowly given up on it. Sometimes it’s nice to just buy something that’s literally ready to wear. I try to shop sustainable and socially conscious if possible though, which has gotten easier ever since I’ve had […]

  • Blue Blankie

    Blue Blankie

    My friend Dominique, who I’ve known since school, has given birth to a baby girl recently! I’m still amazed that I’m at the age where people marry and give birth. It feels so grown up! Obviously that notion is fully ridiculous, as I’m in my thirties. (I’ll lose my delusions at some point, hopefully.) Anyway, […]

  • How do you motivate yourself?

    How do you motivate yourself?

    I’m having a situation right now. A WIP situation. It’s very frustrating. Sage Cardigan Remember my Sage cardigan? I started it over the summer, then took a break because the cables in the two front pieces didn’t line up correctly. Calm Sweater Or my Calm sweater? It’s the second time I tried to make this […]

  • November WIP

    November WIP

    I have a nemesis. It’s this sweater. It’s a pattern by Kim Hargreaves called “Calm”. I’m, sadly, not calm when it comes to this project! I’m extremely annoyed. Years ago, this was supposed to be the first piece of clothing I’d knit. I bought white mohair yarn, got to knitting, then gave up because turns […]

  • The state of the Sage cardigan

    The state of the Sage cardigan

    Before posting about a smaller knitting project I’ve finished in the past week, I wanted to show you why I’m taking a break on making my Sage cardigan. It’s pretty simple: the cables on the front pieces don’t line up with each other. It’s difficult to photograph, but I think you can see the issue […]

  • May Works in Progress

    May Works in Progress

    I’ve been planning to knit Sage by Kim Hargreaves in DROPS Belle ever since I bought the yarn for it in spring 2017. It’s been sitting in my stash for two years. Well, actually, I knitted the first row about a year ago, but found the pattern too complicated for my mood back then (which […]

  • Fisherman Twist

    Fisherman Twist

    In the process of knitting my Fisherman Twist sweater, I’d very often look at the yarn and go: I can’t believe I chose this colour! While I love pink, I usually prefer a more muted tone than coral. Fact is, though, that I actually look pretty good in it. I guess I gotta get comfortable […]