• Whatever will be, will be

    Whatever will be, will be

    I’m trying to be a good knitter at the moment. A really, really good knitter. And it takes all my willpower to do so. What I mean by that, you ask? Well. I’m trying to knit my stash before I buy anymore yarn. What’s more, I’m trying to finish projects that have been living in […]

  • Smokin’


    This cardigan is definitely too warm for the current weather, but I actually finished it during the past winter and only now got around to take pictures of it. Truth be told, it was a Christmas present for Phil. (Why can I never finish Christmas presents on time?)The pattern is from the book “Son of […]

  • Tangled Yoke, Confused Knitting

    Tangled Yoke, Confused Knitting

    Boy. That was some knitting project. I started the Tangled Yoke Cardigan in March of this year and worked on it on and off until now. It’s a great pattern, don’t get me wrong! It’s challenging, but I loved the little technical details. I can truly say I learnt much knitting this cardigan. It just […]

  • A little red dress

    A little red dress

    After my plans for the graduation dress failed thanks to its especially Disney-princess-y sleeves, I sort of lost my sew-jo. I’ll eventually finish it when I work up the energy to cut new sleeves (thanks for your help, by the way, you’re all great!), but for now I needed something simple to clean my palate. […]