• The problem with chive

    The problem with chive

    It’s only February, I know! I’m still starting to think about my roof garden. I want to succeed in growing chive this year. Last year I started in March and kept all the pots in the kitchen. This might have been too warm for the seeds because chive’s a cold-germination plant. Today I received my […]

  • Flowers, Lizards and Marie Antoinette

    Flowers, Lizards and Marie Antoinette

    My friend Ena gave me free tickets to a horticultural show at Wiblingen Abbey (DiGA Gartenmesse Kloster Wiblingen) near my hometown. She had won the tickets but couldn’t attend because she’s living in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Lovely people giving me stuff seems to be a theme here lately! But seriously, I have the most awesome friends. =) I […]

  • An Experiment in Gardening

    An Experiment in Gardening

    I like cooking. I’m not a fantastic cook, but I find after a stressful day there’s nothing that cheers me up like a homecooked meal. As I’m one of these insane people that responds well to the “learning by doing” approach, I slowly taught myself how to cook over these past years. Believe me, you […]