• Très chic

    Très chic

    My friend Patricia is crazy smart and I should always listen to her, like, as a general rule in life. I’m just saying, I’d probably avoid a lot of headaches, and papers that make me want to hit my head repeatedly against the wall out of anger/boredom. I adore her slightly 50s inspired, classic style; […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

    I know we’re talking about a very short week here, but I’m too excited about Me-Made-May to wait until next Sunday. 😛 Day 1 Jumper: This one for parties Hat: Dark Green Hat (unblogged, link to Ravelry) Warm and beautiful! Though I do need more skirts to go with it. The hat I’ve come to love, even […]

  • A Sunny Afternoon in Violet

    A Sunny Afternoon in Violet

    My friend Lisa is very pretty and very fashionable – in fact, she has a really awesome fashion and lifestyle blog, Mrs. O.Gehry And Her Curves. It’s in German, but the outfit posts alone are worth a look. My favourite is this 50s inspired skirt and striped shirt combo! I think that’s the only clue […]

  • Christmas Presents

    Christmas Presents

    1) Mum’s Red Hat My mother asked for a red hat to go with her red coat and even though I heavily side-eyed this idea, she wouldn’t be persuaded otherwise. Since I live in another city, I couldn’t just go take her coat to the LYS to find a suitable shade of red, I decided […]

  • Sunset Cowl and Hat

    Sunset Cowl and Hat

    I’m in a knitting and sewing slump lately … I’ve started the sleeves for my Summer Suit jumper and all that moss stitch honestly bums me out. Then I picked up the Calm jumper, almost finished it, only to realize my head wouldn’t fit through the neck opening. In a nutshell: I needed some mindless knitting […]

  • WIP Wednesday: Not That Much Progress

    WIP Wednesday: Not That Much Progress

    I’m afraid I haven’t made much progress on my To Wear With A Summer Suit jumper after blogging about it last week. Problem is, I didn’t get gauge even though I’m knitting this on smaller needles; this wasn’t such a big deal for the back piece, I just had to shorten the row count of […]

  • Kim Hargreaves’ Starr

    Kim Hargreaves’ Starr

    A while ago I gave my mother this hat for Christmas (click on picture to go to the original post): She initially liked it, but this winter I heard through the grapevines (well, my Dad) that she had complained it wasn’t warm enough on account of the lace. At first I planned to make her […]

  • Audrey B’s Bird’s Eye

    Audrey B’s Bird’s Eye

    When Minxy wrote about her thoughts, discoveries and roadbumps on the way to a colourwork project, I commented that I found colourwork fascinating but overall too much of a hassle. Since then, colourwork has been stuck on my mind, which lead to a typical me thing: I filtered my Ravelry queue for colourwork projects. I’m not […]