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  • The most beautiful thing I’ve ever made

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever made

    Over the years I have created many things I was proud of and thought lovely, but I think my yellow Adamas shawl is my most beautiful creation yet. I’ve always loved looking at intricate shawl designs and put a lot of them on my Ravelry queue, although a little voice called Common Sense told me […]

  • Flit’n Float, So Delicate!

    Flit’n Float, So Delicate!

    Pattern: Flit + Float by Birdy Evans Yarn: Wetterhoff Sylvia Apparently there’s such a thing as healthy yarn (because normal run-of-the-mill yarn is unhealthy?). There must be, because this yarn is made with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E. I feel healthier already just writing this down! I’m not sure how that healthiness manifests […]