• Christmas limbo, anxiety edition

    Christmas limbo, anxiety edition

    I’ve heard the time after Christmas be described as a limbo were nothing happens. For some unfathomable reason I decided that this was the perfect moment to work through long-neglected items on my to-do list, with the predicable result that I spent every single morning hyper-ventilating at the massive mountain of tasks that lay before […]

  • 2022 in crafting

    2022 in crafting

    I think we can all agree that 2022 was a shit year, but in comparison to 2021 it came with a mild upswing in my crafting output! Not that this matters much in a global perspective, but. You know. You gotta celebrate the little things. At the beginning of the year, I finished two WIPs […]

  • GAP-tastic Cowl

    GAP-tastic Cowl

    What do you do when your knitting productivity has slowed down considerably over the past couple of years? Well, I can’t really give a perfect solution, but a quick and easy project like the GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley seems to do the trick for me. Also it helps if you bribe yourself with multicolour […]

  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas Gifts

    … which I’ll hopefully have ready in time! When I was a young and energetic woman, I used to knit so many of my Christmas gifts, but at 33 going on 80 I’ll knit only for a very select sample of people. Two, to be precise. This isn’t necessarily because my handmade knitwear is that […]

  • It really was Instant Love!

    It really was Instant Love!

    PROJECT OVERVIEW Pattern: Instant Love by Taiga Hilliards Yarn: Wolle Rödel Polar

  • Rye Light

    Rye Light

    PROJECT OVERVIEW Pattern: Rye Light by tincanknits, size L Yarn: Schachenmayer Regia

  • Something Simple

    Something Simple

    When I wrote about my knitting frustrations a few posts ago, I received very helpful advice from you how I could motivate myself when everything seems to go wrong. Thank you! itwasjudith suggested I start with the project that was the easiest to fix. Jess recommended to knit something very simple to get my knitting […]

  • Burda Men’s Apron

    Burda Men’s Apron

    I still haven’t shown you the apron I made for Phil! It’s this Burda pattern. After discussing colour choices with my MIL, I decided to buy this beautiful blue Gütermann fabric with a white geometrical pattern. (I thought about plaid at first, but that felt too cliché for a men’s pattern.)It was a quick and […]