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  • Winterizing


    I’ve slowly winterized our terrace garden over the past few weeks, even though it makes me feel sad to say goodbye. 🙁 I’ve harvested the last tomatoes and chilis, pulled out the annual plants (mostly flowers, the tomato and chili/pepper plants, some herbs), and planted a few winterproof plants and bulbs for spring. Now it […]

  • Abloom


    A lot has changed in our roof garden since my last post! As you might remember, we were overrun by diverse pests like fungus gnat larvae and Greenhouse whiteflys (and greenflys, and leafhoppers … 2019 hasn’t been kind to our gardening ambitions). I killed most of them using nematodes and neem oil, but not every […]

  • A pest infestation and climbing plants

    A pest infestation and climbing plants

    We’ve suffered a bit of a setback in our herb gardening. Some of the plants got sick! Phil googled it after he saw some sort of insect on the leaves, and he says it was probably a Greenhouse whitefly. We’ve been treating the plants with neem oil for two weeks now. They’ve been better (I […]

  • It’s meteorological spring, let’s start gardening!

    It’s meteorological spring, let’s start gardening!

    Our roof terrace looks rather sad right now. I hope many plants will come out of hibernation alive and well. The yellow raspberry at least is already growing new leaves, the brave little thing. Fingers crossed for the various pepper plants! I couldn’t wait to go to the garden center the moment February was over! […]

  • The problem with chive

    The problem with chive

    It’s only February, I know! I’m still starting to think about my roof garden. I want to succeed in growing chive this year. Last year I started in March and kept all the pots in the kitchen. This might have been too warm for the seeds because chive’s a cold-germination plant. Today I received my […]

  • Garden Paradise

    Garden Paradise

    It all started on a shopping trip to Stuttgart. We were at the Manufactum store there. It’s a store for high-end household goods using traditional manufacturing methods and materials. We always go there to look at all the stuff we can’t afford. It’s the way we roll! We were browsing their gardening stuff because I […]