• The most beautiful thing I’ve ever made

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever made

    Over the years I have created many things I was proud of and thought lovely, but I think my yellow Adamas shawl is my most beautiful creation yet. I’ve always loved looking at intricate shawl designs and put a lot of them on my Ravelry queue, although a little voice called Common Sense told me […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Summary

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Summary

    First off, I’m SO sorry for accidentally posting this twice before. I had scheduled it at certain dates, but never came around to writing the text, and then promptly forgot about it. I apologize for spamming your reading list with unfinished posts … Me Made May was all in all a bit “meh” for me […]

  • Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

    Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

    I apologize for the late post! I was on the road during the holiday and spent yesterday in bed with Aunt Flo. Day 18 Skirt: Pour quelques jours I really, really wish I had lined this skirt! I love wearing it, but I leave in constant fear of an incident thanks to the flowy, light […]

  • The Serbian Shawl

    The Serbian Shawl

    Remember my huge bag of goodies from Serbia? My friends Angela and Teodora gave me lots of delicious sweets and snacks plus six balls of yarn as a thank you for letting them stay at my place for a while. Obviously I ate all the sweets in like a week. The jam was used for […]

  • Gaenor in Grey

    Gaenor in Grey

    Don’t you agree that I absolutely needed another shawl? I definitely don’t have enough things to put around my neck … 😛 There was still leftover yarn from my Such Flattering Puff Sleeves sweater, so I decided to make another shawl from Corrina Ferguson’s Sideways Shawls collection. My Bakersfield is cute and so soft thanks to […]

  • From The Archives: Traveling Woman

    From The Archives: Traveling Woman

    Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante Yarn: Drachenwolle Alpaka This is my first shawl, and I was mightily proud of it. Back in 2010 when I finished it, I wore it ALL the time, even in summer when it was way too warm for it. Anything for an occasion to show of knitwear, am I […]

  • Bakersfield, reworked

    Bakersfield, reworked

    People say a woman’s purse is its own infinite world of curiousities and unexpected danger; while mine definitely qualifies (I feel like Columbus combing through it, minus the ensuing mass murder), my yarn box does even more so. It contains multitudes. Treasures. Disappointments. Plans. Memories. The crafty remains of the past five, six years. There’s […]

  • Turquoise (Birthday/Christmas Presents 1/10)

    Turquoise (Birthday/Christmas Presents 1/10)

    At the end of every year, I’m stressed. As it happens, all of my family and friends that I give presents to have their birthday either in November or even December. That means I have to come up with two different ideas for presents within a month. I’m really bad at thinking of good presents! […]