• Christmas limbo, anxiety edition

    Christmas limbo, anxiety edition

    I’ve heard the time after Christmas be described as a limbo were nothing happens. For some unfathomable reason I decided that this was the perfect moment to work through long-neglected items on my to-do list, with the predicable result that I spent every single morning hyper-ventilating at the massive mountain of tasks that lay before […]

  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas Gifts

    … which I’ll hopefully have ready in time! When I was a young and energetic woman, I used to knit so many of my Christmas gifts, but at 33 going on 80 I’ll knit only for a very select sample of people. Two, to be precise. This isn’t necessarily because my handmade knitwear is that […]

  • Rye Light

    Rye Light

    PROJECT OVERVIEW Pattern: Rye Light by tincanknits, size L Yarn: Schachenmayer Regia

  • Firebird


    I finally finished something! Considering how slow I’ve been with my crafting in the past few months, this is quite a feat. I had actually started the Firebird Socks back in 2019, but after I realized I’d have to frog and start anew for the second time I lost all motivation. It took a bit […]

  • How do you motivate yourself?

    How do you motivate yourself?

    I’m having a situation right now. A WIP situation. It’s very frustrating. Sage Cardigan Remember my Sage cardigan? I started it over the summer, then took a break because the cables in the two front pieces didn’t line up correctly. Calm Sweater Or my Calm sweater? It’s the second time I tried to make this […]

  • Firebird WIP

    Firebird WIP

    I’m making slow progress on my Firebird socks. As a reminder, this pattern is from the book The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidman. It’s gorgeous and very intimidating. I’m still on the leg of the first sock, and I’ve been working on it for two weeks! First things first: I gave up on using the […]

  • November WIP

    November WIP

    I have a nemesis. It’s this sweater. It’s a pattern by Kim Hargreaves called “Calm”. I’m, sadly, not calm when it comes to this project! I’m extremely annoyed. Years ago, this was supposed to be the first piece of clothing I’d knit. I bought white mohair yarn, got to knitting, then gave up because turns […]

  • 44 patches!

    44 patches!

    I haven’t written about my sock yarn blanket in years, even though I’ve steadily added to it. I started the blanket (pattern here) in 2012 in order to use up my leftover sock yarn. Here‘s my first post about it. Above is one of the pictures I took when writing for the second time about […]