• 2022 in crafting

    2022 in crafting

    I think we can all agree that 2022 was a shit year, but in comparison to 2021 it came with a mild upswing in my crafting output! Not that this matters much in a global perspective, but. You know. You gotta celebrate the little things. At the beginning of the year, I finished two WIPs […]

  • Barely Aislyn

    Barely Aislyn

    It’s hard to keep up with good habits when you feel like your body fails you. Every time you put out a fire, another one lights up. Your eyes are better – how about some tendinitis? Suddenly it’s good news when things stay the same: your tension neck syndrome is still that and not a […]

  • Flax


    Most of my energy has been going into writing my PhD thesis lately. Then there’s my side job at the after school day care, an education training, the thesis seminar, political volunteering, housekeeping stuff and being a good cat mom and girlfriend. It’s been … a lot, and it’s taking a toll on my mental […]

  • Delphine: the same, again

    Delphine: the same, again

    I’ve made good progress on my Delphine pullover! I got used to the pattern, and after a while it didn’t feel like quite such a slog anymore. When I was able to knit on it, that is, because it’s important to regularly pet the most adorable knitting companions in the world! Delphine is a raglan […]

  • Starting Delphine

    Starting Delphine

    It’s that time of the year again! My summer clothes are going into storage, and I’ve moved my winter clothes out of the basement into my wardrobe. I’ve used this to overhaul my closet, donating clothes I didn’t wear anymore, or wore only out of a sense of oligation to sustainability. In the process I […]

  • How do you motivate yourself?

    How do you motivate yourself?

    I’m having a situation right now. A WIP situation. It’s very frustrating. Sage Cardigan Remember my Sage cardigan? I started it over the summer, then took a break because the cables in the two front pieces didn’t line up correctly. Calm Sweater Or my Calm sweater? It’s the second time I tried to make this […]

  • Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Coffeehouses & Shopping)

    Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Coffeehouses & Shopping)

    Welcome to the second part of my Vienna travel diary! You can find the first part here and the post with my initial plans for this trip here. This post is about cake, second hand shopping and two huge splurges! LET ME HAVE CAKE If you visit Vienna, you obviously have to go to the […]

  • November WIP

    November WIP

    I have a nemesis. It’s this sweater. It’s a pattern by Kim Hargreaves called “Calm”. I’m, sadly, not calm when it comes to this project! I’m extremely annoyed. Years ago, this was supposed to be the first piece of clothing I’d knit. I bought white mohair yarn, got to knitting, then gave up because turns […]