• 2022 in crafting

    2022 in crafting

    I think we can all agree that 2022 was a shit year, but in comparison to 2021 it came with a mild upswing in my crafting output! Not that this matters much in a global perspective, but. You know. You gotta celebrate the little things. At the beginning of the year, I finished two WIPs […]

  • The art of being alone

    The art of being alone

    I had the fabric for this top cut out and ready to go for quite a while, but only came around to sewing it on a day this August when I was completely, blissfully alone. I know I sound like an asshole to some people when I say that I like being alone so let […]

  • August Review

    August Review

    August 2022 saw my return to this blog, after my efforts in this area had been sporadic to say the least for months. I did some knitting, I did some sewing, and then I documented the results for all the internet to see! Why yes, I’m patting myself on the shoulder here. More importantly, it’s […]

  • Body-positivity, or: putting yourself out there

    Body-positivity, or: putting yourself out there

    I wish I were super body-positive all the time. (Don’t we all?) I guess I’d take body-content as well, or try to shoot for body-appreciative at least. It has taken me so far in life after all! I’m at the point where I take care of it by trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly, […]

  • It’s summer

    It’s summer

    … and I’m walking around the countryside in a longsleeve jersey jacquard top because apparently I like to sweat. Well, I don’t really, but I’ve taken two weeks off from my thesis and I’m trying to catch up on fun stuff like reading, crafting, and this blog! I’ve finished this top at some point in […]

  • Sunday walks in the countryside

    Sunday walks in the countryside

    We took a Sunday walk to the new observation tower near our town. There’s a hot debate regarding its design, usefulness, and construction costs raging here, but we’ll leave the local affairs out of this blog post. I actually quite like the light wooden lattices on its walls, and think it’s a fitting piece of […]

  • July Works in Progress

    July Works in Progress

    This summer’s been heating up over here, and I’ve been a bit lazy crafting-wise because of the temperatures. To be honest, I haven’t touched my Sage cardigan in weeks! I did however finish two sewing projects. I finished the Lamour dress in time for the Rock’n’Roll Weekender in Walldorf, and proudly wore it. Sadly, I […]

  • This year in crafting

    This year in crafting

    I haven’t done a lot of knitting and sewing in 2018. This was mostly because we’d just moved into our apartment together. We spent a lot of time furnishing our apartment and figuring out our life in a two person and one cat household. I had health problems limiting my ability to do many things […]