• Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Food & Culture)

    Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Food & Culture)

    I’m back from Vienna! It was a great trip. I managed to balance work and free time well: I photographed every document I wanted in the archive, and still had ample time to explore the city! I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this, but this is how my workspace looked in the archive. […]

  • Vienna here I come!

    Vienna here I come!

    I’ll be heading to Vienna soon to do another round of archival work for my thesis! As always, I’m trying to make plans for activities when I leave the archive in the late afternoon/evening. From experience, it gets rather depressing just going from my hotel room to the archive and back again every day. This […]

  • Travel Diary: Vienna 2019

    Travel Diary: Vienna 2019

    I’m back from Vienna! I spent most of the time in the archive doing research, but I tried to make the most of the time I had left to explore the city. This was important to me because I had felt rather lonely and depressed during previous research stays there, especially in winter. I made […]

  • Travel Diary: Sibiu/Romania 2018

    Travel Diary: Sibiu/Romania 2018

    I’m going to revive something I wrote back in the old Livejournal days whenever I traveled somewhere: my Travel Diary. I always enjoy looking at other people’s travel pictures, so why not show mine? We went to Sibiu, Romania at the beginning of October. I’ve been to Romania a couple of times already and love […]

  • African waxprint

    African waxprint

    Last week in Vienna, my friend Ena and I visited the Africa festival on Danube Island. I ate yummy Ethiopian food, and then we spent the entire evening looking at the jewelry, clothes and other beautiful things that were on display in tents all over the island. We discovered waxprints for 8€/m at one of […]

  • Effie in the Alps

    Effie in the Alps

    Hi there guys! I’m back from a week in the Alps, but I’ve been keeping busy there too! I finally finished the Effie sweater that I’ve started back in May. Knitting the body and the sleeves was fairly quick, you see, but the ruffles and the finishing were a royal pain in the ass. You have […]

  • Raluca’s Cowl & Adventures in Romania

    Raluca’s Cowl & Adventures in Romania

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in Romania for a week. I’ve been to Timișoara a few times over the last six years or so, but I never had as much fun there as this time. I enjoyed taking time for myself to do nothing: I spent a lot of time just […]

  • Finland 2014: Porvoo

    Finland 2014: Porvoo

    Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland after Turku, receiving its town charter in the 14th century. In the Old Town, you’ll find adorable little streets with wooden houses that seem to have materialized straight out of an Astrid Lindgren novel. Just imagine growing up there before it had become so frequented by tourists! […]