Bellatrix Colours for Cookie A’s Devon Socks


Since I can’t bring myself to gift my godchild the Barbie merchandise she’d surely love, I gave her a knitting doll and started teaching her how to use it. This requires me to actually spent time with her as opposed to just throwing things at her, which I feel is the most satisfying and rewarding situation for all involved parties. Especially her parents, who got a bored child that was hopped up on sugar out of the house during Christmas break. Anyway, initially she was very impatient because learning new things is always frustrating in the beginning, but once I whipped out the multicoloured yarn that girl was hooked. We then had a lot of very intense conversations about colour palettes and why the pink colour was so much better than the ugly green one! (Afterwards we watched a few episodes of that Barbie TV show on Netflix. A few of my braincells died that day …)


My point being that multicoloured yarn makes everything just that much more fun. I’m having a severe case of the winter blues right now, but knitting these socks cheered me up quite a bit. According to Ravelry, I haven’t knitted socks for myself since 2009, although I’ve kept the socks I originally knitted for my Grandma. While they’re very dear to me as a symbol of the special bond my Grandma and I had that included knitting for each other, they are a piece of remembrance and will never be truly “mine”. This is why I decided that 2015 will be the year where I make a few pairs of socks for myself.


I bought this yarn with a gift certificate my uncle gave me for Christmas. Initially I planned to make the Bellatrix socks, because the colour made me think of that character. The colours turned out to look awful with that pattern, for reasons that escape me. So I turned to another Christmas gift, Cookie A’s “Sock Innovation”. After long deliberation, I decided on the Devon pattern, because it was recommended for multicoloured yarn. I really do love the way it looks, but unfortunately the socks don’t fit well … From experience, I have to knit the smallest size when it comes to Cookie A patterns. Measurements and fittings during the knitting process seemed to support that, but the lace pattern makes the piece so wide and loose it continuously slips down my legs when worn. Boo. 🙁

Pattern: Devon from “Sock Innovation” by Cookie A.
Yarn: Jawoll Magic Degradé by Lang Yarns (4ply, 75% wool and 25 % nylon)

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