I made bread!

Welcome to another round of my cooking and baking round-up! Today I’m bringing to you – bread. Spelt wholewheat bread, to be exact. I made it myself! As you can see, I’m insanely pleased with myself because of this.

It isn’t a difficult recipe by any means, but it takes patience. All in all, you need 24 hours to make this bread! At first you need to let the swollen pieces from whole grains rest for ten hours. Then you add yeast and let the dough rise for an hour, after which you put it in the refrigerator and let it rise for 12 hours. Only then can you bake the bread in the oven! It’s worth it, though. It’s so delicious I basically only want to eat bread all day! You can find the recipe here, but it’s in German.

Phil made Malaysian Curry. Well, he made it several times in the past weeks actually because we can’t get enough of it! He found the recipe on a website about Asian Street Food (in German, unfortunately). He puts in a punishing amount of chili peppers we grew on our terrace. It hurts, but in the best way!

Inspired by my breadmaking success, I decided to try the “Super Amazing Easiest Bread Recipe Ever” by Jenna Clair at Making Things Is Awesome. It’s a really simple, or rather super amazingly easy, recipe you can adapt to your liking. I added pumpkin seeds and, because I was feeling naughty, four jalapenos. Phil said “oh, that’s really hot” … revenge is a dish best served with four jalapenos, my darling!

During winter I like my Austrian sweet dishes. Palatschinken have been a favourite ever since my time in Hungary! I could eat them by the dozen. One of my preferred toppings is plum jam, which is even better right now because I made the plum jam myself! We also eat them with sugar and cinnamon and a mixture of apple slices, raisins and maple syrup.

I got a new casserole dish for Christmas as well, because I needed something larger than our tiny Ikea dish for my lasagna. Well, it’s actually not “my” lasagna, it’s my Dad’s recipe. It’s sort of difficult to take an appetizing picture of this meal, but believe me, it’s mouthwateringly DELICIOUS. It just takes about three, four hours to make because of the bolognese so it isn’t an everyday occurrence.

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