April Works in Progress

Now that spring has officially started, I’m making good progress on this winter pullover. It’s how I roll! I’m nearly done with the body, I just need to do the whip stitch hem. Which I’ve been procrastinating on for some reason – sometimes I’m reluctant to learn some new casting-on or casting-off technique because I’d rather just knit instead of slogging through online tutorials. As a result, I neither learn something new nor knit, which is somewhat counterproductive. After I get over that particular mental hump, knitting the sleeves should be a breeze.

I’m making slow progress on my Lamour dress. I’ve cut most pattern pieces from the main fabric except for the two skirt pieces. Unfortunately, they don’t fit on the fabric because it isn’t wide enough. It’s a quick enough fix – I just need to shorten the skirt pieces a couple of centimetres – which I plan to tackle today. We went to a rockabilly concert on Saturday, and seeing all the beautiful dresses there has me motivated to keep going on this project!

Below is a DIY project I started last year, upcycling an old IKEA stool. I already painted it crimson, then lost interest. I’ll pick it back up this month! My plan is to create a mosaic with multicoloured stones on the seat section. I’m not sure which colours and what kind of mosaic yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

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