Potholders, Gifts, and a Confession

Confession: I lied.

Rose Potholders

I said the All-Day Beret was the last Christmas present I was going to post, but I lied. Shamelessly. I know! How could I. These Easy Going Potholders were for my former boss. I sort of lost track of them because meeting up with my former boss before Christmas didn’t work out, and then there were one thousand other things and I have such a bad memory. But there they are! Aren’t they cute? I used cotton yarn, cotton fabric from Ikea and a very thick patch of interface so she wouldn’t burn her fingers when using them! I’ll hope she’ll get some nice cooking done with the help of these potholders. 🙂

Rose Potholders 2

I made some minor changes to the pattern. Like I already said, I used very heavy interfacing because the light one used in the pattern didn’t seem suitable for practical purposes. I also added an i-cord to the knitted patches. The original pattern used just a single strand of yarn, which I doubt would be able to hold the (heavier) potholder very long.

Sheep Potholders

I really like the pattern, because it’s so versatile. You basically just need a square of fabric, batting and knitting. Here I adapted the sheep pattern from Kate Davies’ sheep heid. They’re also bigger than the first ones ( I cast on 39 stitches), because I thought that’d make cooking easier. Now I just need to make some for myself, because this one was shipped off a couple of days ago, gift-wrapped in a wonderful bow! Why yes, I really like the bow. I hope it has arrived in time for my friend’s birthday. Happy birthday here again, Jasmin! I hope you had a wonderful day.

What kind of knitting pattern would you use for your potholders?

Sheep Potholders 2

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