Alsatian Gugelhupf

Greetings to all you lovely people out there on this fine Easter Monday evening!

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I’ve been rather busy with university work lately, but tomorrow I should be able to post something knitted again. I also plan to sew a dress, so watch out for that! For today I’d like to show you something I baked for Easter – a recipe perfect for early spring. (I prefer cake in winter and pie in summer or autumn, when it’s the right season for fruits.) If you have a sweet tooth, this might not be the cake for you, but I find it quite delicious!

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 Alsatian Gugelhupf

Ingredients. 500g flour, 4 tbsp sugar, 10g salt, 150g butter, 2 eggs, 0.2l milk, 25g yeast, 150g raisins, almonds, 0.02l kirsch/cherry brandy, icing sugar

Mix the raisins with the kirsch and set aside, letting it soak through. Peel almonds. In a large bowl, whisk together the yeast, 0.1l milk and 250g flour to make a yeast dough. Let it rise. Put the rest of the flour in another bowl, add salt, eggs, sugar and 0.1l milk. Beat until combined. Add the yeast dough and 150g butter. Beat until combined. Let dough rise again for about an hour at a warm spot. Knead again. Add raisins and kirsch. Butter bundt cake pan, put peeled almonds into it. Spoon dough into pan, bake at medium heat for about 50 minutes. Turn the Gugelhupf out onto a plate, drizzle with icing sugar. Serve with a glass of wine. Enjoy!

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