Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

A good Sunday to all you lovely people out there!

We haven’t seen each other in … wow … it’s been months! I’m a terrible blogger who let herself get caught up in pesky everyday stuff, and I’m very sorry for that. But now I’m back! And I have a new project to show you:

Rose Dress

And boy, was it ever a project! I started it in … March, I think? It was supposed to look completely different, too: I had Burda’s shift dress in mind, but when I downloaded the pattern I discovered that I’d have to downsize it. And do I ever hate drawing and planning and measuring! I’m a sloppy person. In the end, I resized it to a 36 and paid no attention to my own measurements. (You know how that story ends, do you?)

Rose Dress

But first I laboured and laboured upon the top and the lining, which was a very very slow process since I can only sew whenever I’m at my Dad’s house. Many tears of frustrations where shed, but I persevered and slowly but surely it started to look like a dress! So I tried it on. And it didn’t fit. Not everything, anyway. The top fit damn-near perfect, but the skirt had been cut rather too optimistic for my hips. You can imagine my disappointment!

Rose Dress

But since I had by then spent quite a lot of money and time on that dress, I picked it up the next weekend I was at my Dad’s. Why waste a perfectly good top, I thought. I could just make the skirt in a different fabric. So up and to the fabric store I went, where the first stroke of luck happened after months of slaving over this dress: I found the perfectperfectperfect fabric. Isn’t it beautiful? It fits so well with the original fabric. I decided I’d make a flared skirt, because I can do that in my sleep and also because the fabric basically called for it.

Rose Dress

Now I have a breezy little summer dress instead of the elegant vintage I’d wanted, and you know what? It doesn’t matter a bit. Well, okay, I’m still a bit bitter about all the money I wasted on expensive lining, but apart from that it doesn’t matter. I’m probably going to wear it more now that it’s suitable for everyday use!

Next time I’m going to measure everything, though – lesson learned! In the meantime I’m going to twirl and twirl and twirl, because flared skirts never get old.

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