From the Archives: IKEA Skirt #1

There was a time when I didn’t post every single thing I did on the internet.

Can you imagine?!?!

DSC00083It was the year 2011 and this skirt was supposed to be only for practice – I wanted to learn how to gather skirts. So I convinced one of my friends to drop me off at IKEA (not a very practical store for the non-vehicled of this world) and bought this fabric for cheap. Life has its own ways however and this skirt became a staple of my wardrobe. There’s a lot of creasing and crinkling going on, but looking past that it’s super comfy and ideal for summer. Except this summer, because I took so much weight it barely fits me at the moment. No fun having to perform circus acts to get into a skirt, so I’m going to wait until I’ve dropped a few kilos to wear it again. It’s okay, though! It’s getting too cold here for summer skirts anyways.