We got a badass over here!


We had quite the heat wave here in Germany over the past couple of weeks, and I’ve spent most of that time wishing I could dress up in some sort of huge, cool-ish tent. I compromised with myself and made this jersey dress that I’ve been wanting to sew for a while now. It’s neither huge nor a tent, but it’s definitely going to get me through sweltering heat!


This is a variation on the tank top from my last post. The pattern has the option to add a simple skirt – it’s basically a rectangle with a hole cut in the middle. Shouldn’t be a big deal, but I ended up with the perfect 20s flapper style silhouette, which, as it turns out, isn’t very flattering for me. (Bummer, because I like that silhouette.) I had to cut about 10cm(!) from the bodice, which meant that a) the skirt was too big for the bodice, and b) I had to open up goddamn overlock seams …..

Grumpy Cat

…….. NOT FUN.

I gotta admit, I handed the dress off to my mum after fiddling with it rather ineffectively for most of Sunday morning. She’s much more precise and patient than I’ll ever be. Mum fixed everything (thanks mum!) and I was one happy camper after trying on the dress! It’s sooo soft and comfortable!


The hemline is unfinished, by the way! I really liked the way it looked and it’s supposed to be like that in the original pattern. I hope I’m not going to regret my decision after a few washes in the washing machine. For now, I feel super edgy. NOBODY CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO, I’M A REBEL AT HEART.


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  1. Oh no! Opening up overlock seams is the WORST!!! And sometimes I leave knits un-hemmed. (SHHHH) Dress looks nice and comfy. You and mom did great!

    • Thank you! And yes, it’s REALLY annoying. But I … well, my mother powered through! 😀 I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who leaves knits un-hemmed. I really like how knits feel and look once I have a finished object, but I do so not like working with them …

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