Effie in the Alps


Hi there guys!

I’m back from a week in the Alps, but I’ve been keeping busy there too! I finally finished the Effie sweater that I’ve started back in May. Knitting the body and the sleeves was fairly quick, you see, but the ruffles and the finishing were a royal pain in the ass. You have to double the yarn and then cast on 360 stitches for the ruffles – that takes a while. I managed to eek out one ruffle a day at the beginning of August, but couldn’t bring myself to sew them on.


I had more success sitting on the balcony of this cozy little cottage in the late afternoon sun after a day of hiking, particularly because of my knitting companion and faithful cheerleader Patricia! (She expertly took these pictures, too!)



It took aaaaaaaages to sew on each ruffle, especially since I accidentally kept picking up stitches and sewing them to the ruffles that definitely did not belong there … It was also kinda hard to space them out evenly, you can see below that the left one is all kinds of wonky. At this point I didn’t care enough anymore and left it like this. Mohair just isn’t that great to open up again (sigh). Another thing that warrants a big sigh are the millions of ends you have to sew in at the end … thanks two-stranded knitting for all the extra ends!


If you had asked me a year ago, I would’ve laughed at the idea that I’d make a lace weight garment. I’m notoriously lazy and this just seemed like too much work. But I got inspired by Meike’s Featherweight Cardigan, and then I saw that Wolle Rödel offered this 2 ply mohair yarn for 99c/skein and couldn’t resist. I really love how it looks in stockinette stitch!


I didn’t knit the pieces of the body separately, but added the stitches for the back and front piece together so I could knit the body in the round. Everything that eliminates a couple of seams is a positive in my book.



I’m fairly happy with this jumper. I hope the yarn won’t be too scratchy in the long run, but I’ll have to wear it a few times to find out. I do love the colour, though!

Pattern: Effie by Kim Hargreaves

Yarn: Fashion Romance by Rico Design (Lace, 50% Acrylic/30% Mohair/20% Wool), #003 lachs

And now some mountains, because who doesn’t love pretty scenery? I definitely do! I took all the pictures of all the mountains, you can be sure of that!




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  1. Gorgeous sweater! And what an amazing place are the Alps. Stunning! Way to go with these ruffles 🙂 The sweater looks amazing. I don’t think I’d have have the patience to do this 😀

    • Thank you! The ruffles weren’t so much complicated but frustrating to knit – it took so long for a bit of frill! I’m glad you like the pictures, I couldn’t stop photographing the beautiful landscape around me. It was really hard to choose three from all of my pictures. 😀

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