Pretty Little Leftovers


Does anyone else spent a disproportionate amount of time leafing through sewing magazines? If I didn’t have a paper to write, I’d do nothing but. I’ve been trying to be more organized about it, though: I decide on a certain project I want to sew or choose a fabric I want to work with, and then I look at the magazines with that in mind.


In this case, I wanted to use up the rest of the fabric from my maxi dress. I quickly found the right pattern, Burda Style 05/2015 Nr. 124, a sweet little blouse that required just little more than 1m. This was perfect, because I didn’t have much fabric left … All the same, I nearly gave up on the blouse after unsuccessfully trying to fit the pattern pieces on the fabric! My mom came to the recue. She moved and turned and rotated the pattern pieces until everything fit neatly. My mom is dedicated when it comes to the fiddly stuff!


The instructions called for piping here, but I was like, naaaah, I still have yellow bias tape, might as well use that! It’s cheaper that way. It looks fine, although piping probably would have been better – you wouldn’t see it beneath the fabric that much I think. I definitely shouldn’t have used it for keyhole neckline, though. I cut little notches into tape and seam allowance so it would keep its round shape; when that didn’t work, I folded the bias tape and stitched over it again. Now it stands at attention like a well-trained supersoldier, but the overall feel and look of it would’ve been softer if I had cut the bias tape from the fabric as instructed.


I finished the neckline with the rest of the bias tape. Then I picked a button from my Grandma’s stash – or rather, my Dad picked it. He has a keen eye for matching buttons, I always let him choose them. I think the slight sheen on this one makes it quite special. 🙂


Look at this little bird flitting about inbetween flowers! Doesn’t he look happy?


This darling little blouse is the ideal addition to my wardrobe! I need more loose-fitting, comfortable garments to wear every day. If I find another lightweight fabric, I need to make myself another version!