How do I get out of my knitting funk?

I mean, yes, I’ve knitted two hats lately. They were already an attempt to get out of the knitting funk, however!

You see, after my poll a couple of weeks ago I decided to knit the Storm cardigan by Kim Hargreaves. I bought the Polar yarn I mentioned in said post, although I purchased it in the aubergine colourway instead of in black on a whim. It should have been a quick knit – it’s a super bulky yarn and the pattern shouldn’t be very difficult. “Should” is the key word here. “Storm” being a Kim Hargreaves pattern is of course written in the most backwards way possible and riddled with errors to add insult to injury. Attention knitters: I don’t recommend Kim Hargreaves’ books, at least if you actually want to knit some of the projects. They are very pretty to look at, but her patterns hold my personal record of rage-quit per project.

veronika mars gif

For “Storm”, you first have to knit two front pieces that then get joined together to knit the back. The problem is, I just can’t get the front pieces to match up. If it were only a reverse stockinette pattern, I could just make one piece longer or shorter to match it to the other piece. I even tried that, but the yarn overs didn’t line up at all so it looked weird. I got so frustrated with the pattern that I considered frogging it completely to start a different project with the yarn. Sadly, I told myself I could only knit from my insanely long queue, and I can’t find anything I could imagine with this colour.

I knit up the two gift hats to distract myself from my frustration, but still I don’t feel like coming back to “Storm” for now. I then started two projects for myself from my yarn stash, a shawl and a pair of socks. Unfortunately, I just don’t feel the shawl and I realized only after turning the heel that I didn’t have enough yarn for the socks; I’d need to frog it to make the leg part shorter. In a nutshell, both didn’t help me to get my enthusiasm for knitting back at all.

Grumpy Cat

My question to you, my dear reader, is: What do you do to get back your knitting mojo? I don’t think it’d help if I tried going back to “Storm” right now. I could keep knitting gifts since Christmas is coming up, but I sort of crave the satisfaction only bigger projects can give you. Then again, money is tight right now and I promised myself to finish my big project before I could buy new yarn.