Yarn to dye for

While I am merely a knitter, Meike of Schnitterling is interested in all stages of yarn production. She’s recently even bought herself a spinning wheel! (Yes. I immediately tried to use it when I visited her last week. It was awesome.) During one of our weekly knitting meetings last year, she told me that you could dye yarn with easter egg colour, and that she had already bought Easter egg dying kits that were on sale a couple of months ago.

Obviously I was like, well what are we waiting for? Let’s do this. So I brought the faded white yarn from my Grandma’s stash and we dyed yarn with Easter egg colours. Life is strange and awesome.

Meike first soaked the yarn in water and vinegar for a while. We then dissolved the colour pellets from the dye kit in water and vinegar as well and started painting the yarn. Meike had her yarn all planned out – she made self-striping Christmas yarn for herself! I had no idea what to do (as usual, I am not a planner) so I chose colours randomly.

Afterwards we put the yarn in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then washed it in the sink and hung it up to dry. So simple! I don’t remember which tutorials we used, but there are hundreds out there to choose from. Here are two chosen at random:

Sadly, a lot of the beautiful blue was rinsed out during washing. The yarn ended up looking like this:

Still really gorgeous, no? I already knit up some plain vanilla socks with the green yarn. I’m going to post about them soon, they’re the prettiest things!

Photography: Fabian

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