At some point, this mess is going to be assembled into a dress (hopefully) + Designin’ December!

Well the first day of project “Sewing my graduation dress” is over. I cut what felt like a million pattern pieces (these long ribbons were tedious as hell) and overlocked the skirt pieces. Tomorrow I need to cut and iron on the interfacing and then the real sewing begins!  I’m really excited.

I had had the fabric sent to my Dad’s place so I saw it today for the first time. The embroidered taffeta is quite lovely! The rayon on the other hand is rather stiff. I decided to use it anyway because I figured it’d give the skirt more volume. We’ll see how it goes! Gonna keep you guys posted.

Also, Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! invited me to participate in Designin’ December where you sew your own copy of designer clothing. It’s the perfect challenge for this dress! I’m excited to be a part of it this year! 😀