lagrancostanza is now tabeakatharina


Guys, I suck at this internet thing.

I’ve wanted to change my blog name from lagrancostanza to tabeakatharina and register it as a domain for a while. I just worried about the broken links this change would cause, but I figured I could purchase a redirect from to and be done with it.

Turns out that’s not how it works. I couldn’t register the domain with the redirect in place because of invalid domain mapping or something. I really have no idea. So now I have the domain I wanted, but every old link leads to a page that tells you is deleted. Sigh. It’s maddening. I could upgrade to a business account to download a redirect plugin, but I can’t afford that right now.

I might figure out a way, but for now I don’t have the time to read up on Weird Internet Things I Don’t Understand. Just thought I’d give a heads up in case anyone is wondering.

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  1. sorry about that…
    So you will no longer use WP for your blogging?
    Sad to hear as I read blogs through the WP Reader and that won’t let me add blogs outside WP… I know I should also use another blog reader, but there would be another thing to open every day…

    • No, I’ll still use WordPress! It’s just a name change that got needlessly complicated. Everyone that has subscribed to my blog via the WordPress reader will still see my posts (just under a different name). People who follow me on Facebook or see the links on Ravelry for example won’t be able to follow the old lagranconstanza links to tabeakatharina.

      Sorry I explain it so badly! I barely understand it myself and then I have to translate my non-knowledge into English, so things get lost in translation.

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