February Works in Progress

I’m still working on the Manu cardigan. I’ve finished both sleeves and joined them to the body. The yarn (DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk) is gorgeous! I took the cardigan with me on the train ride to Vienna, and I guess because of all the travel chaos I was absent-minded and didn’t read the pattern properly. Totally missed that there were special instructions for the short rows (and yes, it says very clearly that there are) and knitted normal short rows. I don’t really want to reknit that whole part, though, so I hope it won’t be too noticeable …

I’m planning to sew a simple wool skirt because my wardrobe lacks skirts suited for winter. See how pragmatic I’m trying to be with my crafting exploits right now? Let’s see how long that lasts, haha. I’m thinking about this Burda pattern. I’m also going to look through my fabric stash to see if I have anything suitable. It’d be a two birds one stone situation if I could do some stashbusting as well! I recently realized how much fabric I have when I looked through my stash in the basement … it was a bit alarming, to be honest. Hope I’ll be able to tackle this project once I’m less busy with talks and meetings!

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