March Works in Progress

I learnt a new fiber art! I’ve had this crazy idea for a while to make a carpet for our bedroom (spurred by the prize point of commercial carpets). Before committing to such a huge project I figured I’d try the knotted-pile technique on something smaller to see it’s something I’d actually like to do for the many hours required to weave a carpet. This is why I ordered a pillow kit by Junghans with an art déco-like pattern in green and apricot. It’s been fun so far, but we’ll see if I stay the course!

This is my second attempt at the Fisherman Twist pattern. The yarn I had used for my first try was completely unsuitable for the pattern, because the twisted rib pattern would be all but hidden in its mohair halo. I hope it’ll go better this time, even though I still haven’t got the gauge right.

I was very sad to hear that the local fabric store is closing this month, but I managed to snag beautiful fabric (not including the cat) at the clearance sale at least! We want to go to the Walldorf Weekender – a rockabilly festival near us – again this year, and I plan to dress for the occasion. I’ll use Lamour Dress pattern (Charm Patterns by Gertie). The grey cotton will be the main fabric, the lilac cotton the lining, and the stunning silk (in the middle of the picture) the underlining! I’m so excited, but I plan to take my time so I’ll get good results.

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