Starting Delphine

It’s that time of the year again! My summer clothes are going into storage, and I’ve moved my winter clothes out of the basement into my wardrobe. I’ve used this to overhaul my closet, donating clothes I didn’t wear anymore, or wore only out of a sense of oligation to sustainability. In the process I realized I’d really like a lighter wool pullover because it’s still too warm for my bulkier sweaters, but I like to be cozy! Good thing I know how to knit, right?

I perused my Ravelry queue and chose this vintage inspired pullover from a 2010 Verena magazine. Even though I have a few Verenas from that time, I didn’t have that exact issue. Ebay to the rescue! I bought it for about €3,00 plus shipping, and found it in my letterbox two days later. I doubt I’ll use any other pattern in there, because they’re all hopelessly outdated – which is why I stopped buying the magazine in the first place. Considering that single sweater patterns often cost double that amount, I’m fine with it anyway.

(I already started knitting the sweater, that’s why there are ony four of the five skeins I bought pictured.)

Since I mostly used DROPS yarn for most of my knitting patterns in the past few years, I decided to change it up. I bought five skeins of Cheeky Merino Joy by Rosy Green Wool in the Grünspan colourway. I usually don’t match the colour of the original sample knit, but in this case it’s so lovely I wanted to get as close as possible to it. Rosy Green Wool makes GOTS certified merino yarn, which is always a plus. So far I love the yarn, it’s lovely to work with and the colour is beautiful and vibrant!

The pattern calls for 3.0mm needles, but I had to go down to 2.0mm to get gauge. You can imagine it’s sort of a slog to knit, but luckily I’m getting to the part where it’s mostly stockinette stitch.


Pattern: Delphine by Tina Hees

Yarn: Cheeky Merino Joy by Rosy Green Wool (Sport, 100% merino), Grünspan.

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