Delphine: the same, again

I’ve made good progress on my Delphine pullover! I got used to the pattern, and after a while it didn’t feel like quite such a slog anymore. When I was able to knit on it, that is, because it’s important to regularly pet the most adorable knitting companions in the world!

Delphine is a raglan sweater knitted from the bottom up. That means I stopped knitting on the back piece once I reached the armholes, and put the live stitches on a stitch holder. Now I have to knit the front piece and the sleeves to the same point & then join them together.

What makes me go “huh” is that the front piece is knitted the same way as the back piece. There is no bust shaping in this pattern, but I hope it’ll still be form-fitted like shown on the model … we’ll see, I guess.


Pattern: Delphine by Tina Hees

Yarn: Cheeky Merino Joy by Rosy Green Wool (Sport, 100% merino), Grünspan.

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  1. Can’t find the pattern online anywhere!! Is there a way to get a copy of yours for Delphine? Love it!!

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