Who could say no to sorbet?

There’s a ton of things to sew in winter – coats, jackets, trousers, blouses to name but a few – a sleeveless top, however, isn’t one of them. Yet, here I am, having sewn two sleeveless tops. Why, you could ask, and you’d be entirely in your right to do so! In my defense, I made them at the beginning of November, plus we’ve been having a very warm winter so far.


The main reason, however, was my horror at the size of my ever-growing fabric stash. I needed to do some stash-bustin’, pronto! So I downloaded Colette’s (free!) Sorbetto top and started sewing. This is a beautifully simple pattern that comes together in a few hours. It does have extremely detailed instructions, though they don’t seem necessary except for the absolute beginner.


I used up two leftover cotton fabrics in my stash, the paisley one I had used for this skirt and the spiderwebs one for my Halloween dress, although it’d be interesting to try this pattern in a different type of fabric. I also used the rest of my red bias tape from Romania. The paisley top constitutes a resounding victory in stash-busting, is what I’m saying!


For my Spiderwebs Sorbetto however I had to buy the black bias tape. You can’t win all of them! And the floral bias tapes in my sewing box didn’t seem like such a good fit …


Then I realized I didn’t have enough of the spiderwebs fabric, so I ended up cutting the back piece from simple black fabric I found at the bottom of my fabric stash. It was a happy accident, that one, because it sort of gives the spiderwebs pattern a “frame” and accentuates it that way.


All in all, I’m really happy with my two Sorbetto tops and can’t wait to wear them in summer! Although the spiderwebs top looks, according to a friend when I asked him if I should wear it for an evening out, “too much like Spiderman, it’s a bit weird”. 😀



Pattern: Sorbetto by Colette

Fabric: leftovers from my stash

Photography: Mom