My love affair with midi/maxi skirts continues


It’s exciting to discover something new for yourself, isn’t it? I used to only wear above the knee skirts and dresses, but making the maxi dress the previous summer introduced me to the beautiful world of midi and maxi skirts. My tulips skirt clinched it for me: I’ve basically been living in it this summer. Consequently, it wasn’t even a question that I’d choose the long version of the Burda Style 03/2015 Nr. 104 skirt.


While I love the fabric with the large flower motif used in the magazine, I knew I wanted something very simple to be able to combine it with a large number of tops. I eventually settle on black because I don’t have any black skirts that fit me anymore. To be honest, I don’t really like black fabric or yarn because it’s exhausting to work with, especially in the evening – and I have bad eyes anyway!


I used black linen bought on sale at my local fabric store. This was my first time working with linen, but it won’t be my last. The fraying at the edges was a problem, but my mother’s overlock came in handy there. After that was taken care of, the linen was a pleasure to sew with! I enjoy wearing it immensely as well. We’re having a really warm September so a fabric with cooling properties like linen was a blessing.


The pattern itself requires a lot of patience. You have to cut out three pattern pieces for the skirt, then tape them together to create a giant piece that functions as the front and back piece at the same time. This requires a lot of space, and a lot of crawling on the floor if you don’t have a sewing table like me. (I hate that part of sewing.) Afterwards it sews up rather quickly, although there’s something really funky about the side seam at the left side. I didn’t really understand how to sew in pockets as well as the zipper there. In the end, I winged it – I just cut off the zipper above the pocket insert. It works fine that way, although I have to wriggle my butt quite a bit to get in and out of the skirt. 😉


Notwithstanding that, I think the skirt is glorious. I feel powerful wearing it, which is something my above-the-knee skirts never managed to do for me. The sloped hemline adds a modern, stylish element to a length that’d look too conservative otherwise. I’m looking forward to wearing the skirt in the fall when I have to retire the summer skirts!


Please head over to Me Made Mittwoch or AfterWorkSewing to see the beautiful makes on display this week!


Pattern: Burda Style 03/2015 Nr. 104, size 42

Fabric: Linen bought on sale at Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm

Photography: Dad

15 responses to “My love affair with midi/maxi skirts continues”

  1. I LOVE this!!! That skirt looks so elegant on you! I totally understand that you feel powerful in it. And that combined with James Dean…. how much cooler can it get? ;D

    • Thank you! I love the shoes – bought them years ago but don’t wear them nearly enough. Flat shoes are better for walking on the cobbled streets of my town, unfortunately. 🙁

  2. I love midi maxis and yours is gorgeous! I tend to go for midi because they end up the perfect maxi with my height, haha. Would wear one every day if I had enough! X

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