Christmas knitting and sewing

From left to right, my Christmas/birthday knitting projects for 2012: Who? hatAstronomer hatTrixie shawl Parabola hatHannover socksMan Thing hatLast minute handwarmersFebuary Lady socks Sheep heidAll Day BeretRose Potholders

I used to knit so much for Christmas (plus birthdays because half of my family is born in November)! I remember one year I started the gift knitting in September so I’d be done in time. It was honestly really stressful. In the past few years, I didn’t really have the time to make so many of my gifts. I ended up choosing a few projects very carefully so it’d enable me to create something special and meaningful. For example, last year I knitted this shawl collar cardigan for my boyfriend and a beautiful alpaca-silk-blend scarf for my mother:

This year, I’m planning to make two pairs of socks for my uncle, and an apron for my boyfriend. I’ve already started on the first pair of socks. I’m using a pattern I’ve made several times for him already, but he loves them and tells me how warm and comfortable they are so I figure you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, right?

Taylor’s Orange Toe-Up Socks for my uncle: Socks for the Distinguished Gentleman – Merry Christmas! – For the fourth time

I chose to make them in a combination of dark grey and blue. The first pair has dark grey as MC and blue as CC, the second one the other way round. I’m already nearly finished with the first sock: 31013170687_43ee7e18dc_kFor the apron, I plan to adapt either this apron for women, or use this pattern. I’m not sure yet which fabric I’m going to use, maybe a plaid or a paisley? Not sure about the colour either. Darker reds suit him, so do greys and dark blues. I’ll decide until the weekend and then I’ll order the fabric!

Both pictures taken from the Burda Style website.

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