44 patches!

I haven’t written about my sock yarn blanket in years, even though I’ve steadily added to it. I started the blanket (pattern here) in 2012 in order to use up my leftover sock yarn. Here‘s my first post about it. Above is one of the pictures I took when writing for the second time about this project, back in my old apartment!

Since then, every time I’d knit a sock, I’d use the leftover yarn to make one or two of these patches. It’s a great reminder of all of these projects, some I gave away, some I made for myself and still use regularly! It helped me get over some temporary knitting fatigue as well. I also added patches made with yarn from my Grandma’s attic, and yarn Phil’s stepfather gave me from his mother’s attic.

All of this added up to 44 patches in 2019! I’ll at least knit up to 50 patches, but these patches are such a nice tradition by now that I feel sad by the thought to actually finish up this project.

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