Subtlety, meet skirt.


I started sewing because I dreamt of pretty 50s-style dresses, already dashing through life armed with giant petticoats and polkadots in my mind. In reality, I often got the most wear out of the simpler projects. Here, too, I quickly sewed up two skirts and have proceeded to basically live in them for about two weeks now.


Maybe you recognized the fabric from my grown-up dress – I had quite a bit left over but craved something simple and mindless. Lately, I find myself drawn to projects labelled “easy”! After thinking and writing and reading all day I just need to do something with my hands that doesn’t require much mental effort. Luckily enough, there’s Burda Easy! This is Mod. 5D from F/S 2015. If you don’t see the skirt in the Burda project picture immediately, it’s quite okay! I missed it at first too, the blouse is just much more noticeable.


The skirt is a super easy make that goes together in a few hours. The front skirt is pieced together from three parts, which might also be really fun in contrasting colours! You don’t really see it that well just in grey, but at the same time their subtlety is what made these two skirts such a hit with me. It’s perfect for combining with blouses or shirts. (Usually I wear them over the skirt, but for the photoshoot I tucked my blouse in.)


Here’s both of the skirts. As you can see, the only difference is that one is a slightly darker shade of grey because I used the “wrong” side of the fabric.

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Pattern: Mod. 5D, Burda Easy F/S 2015 (size 42)

Fabric: stretch wool fabric from Stoffwelt Neu-Ulm

Photography: Patricia

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