Barely Aislyn

It’s hard to keep up with good habits when you feel like your body fails you. Every time you put out a fire, another one lights up. Your eyes are better – how about some tendinitis? Suddenly it’s good news when things stay the same: your tension neck syndrome is still that and not a slipped disk, thank God! It’d help not to drown in that sinkhole of depression and self-pity if you could escape into your hobbies, but alas: The things you loved to do become the things that cause you even more pain.

The story of this sweater, then, isn’t an uplifting recovery story. I still have tension neck syndrome, and right now I have difficulties to type because the tendinitis in my wrist joint. I would like to finish the fingerless mitts for my mother, but it’s out of the question. I did finally sew together this sweater, though. It took me a year to knit, and it’s sloppy and doesn’t fit very well, but I don’t really have high ambitions these days. I’m happy I had days where I was able to knit. I’m happy I could finish this sweater.


Pattern: Aislyn by Dawn Catanzaro, size 42

Yarn: Rico Design Essentials Organic Cotton, 005 Puder