Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Four

I apologize for the late post! I was on the road during the holiday and spent yesterday in bed with Aunt Flo.

Day 18

DSC03706_bearbeitet Skirt: Pour quelques jours

I really, really wish I had lined this skirt! I love wearing it, but I leave in constant fear of an incident thanks to the flowy, light fabric … I also need to figure out what’s up with the skirt pattern, because every project I’ve used it for has this weird irregularity at the side.

Day 19

DSC03707_bearbeitet   Cardigan: Lizzie

I’m sweaty and disheveled because I had just come home from Zumba class, just so you know. 😀

Day 20

DSC03721_bearbeitet   Jumper: Made So Quickly Skirt: Pour quelques jours Shawl: Tátra utca

Day 21

DSC03723_bearbeitetDress: Jane Bennet

I felt like being very colourful that day. 😀 I honestly like the red-blue-white combination!

Day 22

DSC03725_bearbeitetCardigan: Jen

This is my first ever wearable garment … and I rarely wear it. Unfortunately, the buttons are extremely heavy, which means I can only wear the cardigan buttoned up, and even then it looks a bit strange.

Day 23

DSC03742Shirt: Cats! Shawl: Gaenor

At Regensburg Cathedral, if you’re interested. 🙂

Day 24

DSC03748Jumper: Made So Quickly

I wanted to continue my outfit-with-random-instrument pictures from last week, but the convention location, the Salzstadel (Salt Warehouse) in Regensburg, is super crowded. Everyone was staring during the photoshoot and I was rather uncomfortable … The instrument is a mandolin I borrowed from our rather bemused neighbour. On the bright side, the jumper is too short for most skirts, so I’m really glad it goes so well with this black one!

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