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  • Delphine: First sleeve is done!

    Delphine: First sleeve is done!

    I’ve been anxiety knitting a lot lately – I’m surprisingly fast when I anxiety knit, especially when my to-do list is full of items I want to avoid doing -, and now I actually finished the back and front piece, and the first sleeve! Well, the sleeves are a fairly quick knit anyway since they […]

  • Delphine: the same, again

    Delphine: the same, again

    I’ve made good progress on my Delphine pullover! I got used to the pattern, and after a while it didn’t feel like quite such a slog anymore. When I was able to knit on it, that is, because it’s important to regularly pet the most adorable knitting companions in the world! Delphine is a raglan […]

  • Starting Delphine

    Starting Delphine

    It’s that time of the year again! My summer clothes are going into storage, and I’ve moved my winter clothes out of the basement into my wardrobe. I’ve used this to overhaul my closet, donating clothes I didn’t wear anymore, or wore only out of a sense of oligation to sustainability. In the process I […]

  • Lilies and Bees

    Lilies and Bees

    I’ve been silent here on the blog, but I haven’t been idle in real life! Last year I had a moment of major frustration with my knitting and sewing and needed a bit of a break. Instead I decided to concentrate on one project where I’d take it slow. Besides, I don’t need to craft […]

  • Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Coffeehouses & Shopping)

    Travel Diary: Vienna, Once More (Coffeehouses & Shopping)

    Welcome to the second part of my Vienna travel diary! You can find the first part here and the post with my initial plans for this trip here. This post is about cake, second hand shopping and two huge splurges! LET ME HAVE CAKE If you visit Vienna, you obviously have to go to the […]

  • Lamour Dress

    Lamour Dress

    I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in my body for … quite a while, actually. This is why I tend to sew wide garments lately instead of the pretty dresses that made me start sewing in the first place! While it’s okay to experiment with shape and form, or prioritize comfort over aesthetics, it’s more an unwillingness […]

  • Shopping for summer shoes

    Shopping for summer shoes

    It’s been a while since I wrote about my shopping adventures, right? I haven’t really bought many items of clothing since then to be honest, but I did add to my shoe wardrobe. It was sadly lacking in summer shoes to the point where one of the children in my class asked if my black […]

  • July Works in Progress

    July Works in Progress

    This summer’s been heating up over here, and I’ve been a bit lazy crafting-wise because of the temperatures. To be honest, I haven’t touched my Sage cardigan in weeks! I did however finish two sewing projects. I finished the Lamour dress in time for the Rock’n’Roll Weekender in Walldorf, and proudly wore it. Sadly, I […]