Me-Made-May ’15 – Week Three

Day 11

DSC03667_bearbeitetDress: Jane Bennet Dress

Day 12

DSC03672_bearbeitetTop: Death of the Endless tanktop

I love this tanktop, although I’ll probably make the neckline higher when I make another one as planned. As of now, I would feel uncomfortable in seminars because it kinda screams “BOOBIES! LOOK AT MY BOOBIES” … 😉 That said, I love how it looks with my pink cardigan and blue-white shorts – this Me Made May has sort of become less an attempt to find out which selfmade garments I own and more how I can combine them with my storebought wardrobe. I’m a creature of habit, you see, so it’s been fun to try out new combinations!

Day 13



Skirt: Casino Skirt

… this, for example, is a combination that didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I like the skirt a lot more with tops or shirts that you can tuck into it.

Day 14

DSC03676_bearbeitetDress: Aachen Dress

Day 15



Jumper: To Wear With A Summer Suit

This is a complete outfit repeat, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit. I helped my Dad out with his booth at a music convention anyway, which gave me the idea that I could take up playing the lute. Obviously, this picture is a big old fake, because I have no idea how to play the lute, haha! It was great fun anyways, especially because the arrogant lady right across from us gave us the strangest looks. She was probably just jealous because I looked awesome with my lute and my knitted vintage sweater! 😀

Day 16


Dress: Budapest Dress

I wasn’t sure how my happy and bright orange dress would pair up with a somber and sophisticated beige cardigan, but it does so nicely, don’t you think? At least the old lady who organized the convention thought I looked adorable. 😀 (Btw, I’m playing a mirliton. And yes, I’m really playing it, but that’s nothing to write home about because it basically works like a kazoo – you just sing into it.)

Day 17


Top: Patons Nautical Top (unblogged as of yet)

Yeah, if you thought the previous two pictures were dorky, you hadn’t seen anything yet! I stole* this gemshorn from another booth because I had never seen one so big (that’s what she said) … I mean, this is utterly ridiculous, isn’t it? I can’t even properly play it because my fingers are too small to cover the bigger holes. ANYWAY, the top is new, I finished it this week! I’m going to blog about it properly once I get someone to take non-goofy pictures of me in it. I can already tell you that it’s perfect for those spring days that are sunny, but not quite warm enough to go all the way with your summer wardrobe. It’s a step towards my goal of creating an everyday wardrobe for myself as well!

* Don’t worry, I asked the instrument maker, who’s basically the coolest dude ever. This is my favourite  of his makes (picture taken last year at another convention):


My European readers probably recognize Assurancetourix’s/Cacofonix’s/Troubadix’s harp from the Asterix comics. I LOOOOOOOVE it and it never fails to make me laugh. 😀


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  1. Those instruments are soooo coooool! 😀 And your outfits too! I’m still totaly in love with your Jane Dress!

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