• Don’t buy Chinese wedding cabinets!

    Don’t buy Chinese wedding cabinets!

    Like most knitters and sewists, I have yarn and fabric squirreled away in many dark corners. Before we moved in together, I used to have some stuff at my old apartment and some at my parents’ house. After the move, I consolidated my crafting collection and it’s been … well, overwhelming. We put most of […]

  • Weekend Update: Biased

    Weekend Update: Biased

    Good morning my lovelies! I’m in a very good mood today because I just had 11 hours of sleep and feel incredibly refreshed and energetic. I’m also loving this weekly update thing where I can just ramble randomly about recent crafting exploits or personal stories! First things first: I’m now on Facebook! You can add […]

  • Finally, another tank top!

    Finally, another tank top!

    On Sunday my friend Neko (of NF Cosplay) and I went to the Stoffmarkt Holland in Munich, a traveling fabrics market. I’ve always wanted to go there, but somehow I’ve constantly missed the markets in Mannheim or Ludwigshafen, which are actually much closer to me. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when Neko asked […]

  • In Which I Sew On Belt Loops

    In Which I Sew On Belt Loops

    My friend Jasmin gave me this wonderful fabric for my birthday from a Finnish fabric store called Eurokangas which sounds like the best fabric store ever. Jasmin knows what I like, so of course this moody fabric with little red flowers was right up my alley.  (The reproduction below is really bad by the way; in […]

  • Budapest, My Love

    Budapest, My Love

    I’ve been back from Budapest for a few days now, but I basically haven’t been doing anything but sleep and eat since then. I’ve had a wonderful time, met wonderful people and saw wonderful things … there was so much wonderfulness that it was exhausting. Budapest remains my great love and I’ve enjoyed being back […]

  • Budapest

    Thought it’s high time I got myself a craft blog after posting that stuff all over the internet for years now. (Next stop on my way to becoming a crazy knitting cat lady: a cat.) I’ve been to Budapest recently, and everytime I visit this city I spent an extraordinary amount of money because I […]