• Christmas limbo, anxiety edition

    Christmas limbo, anxiety edition

    I’ve heard the time after Christmas be described as a limbo were nothing happens. For some unfathomable reason I decided that this was the perfect moment to work through long-neglected items on my to-do list, with the predicable result that I spent every single morning hyper-ventilating at the massive mountain of tasks that lay before […]

  • Vienna here I come!

    Vienna here I come!

    I’ll be heading to Vienna soon to do another round of archival work for my thesis! As always, I’m trying to make plans for activities when I leave the archive in the late afternoon/evening. From experience, it gets rather depressing just going from my hotel room to the archive and back again every day. This […]

  • Don’t buy Chinese wedding cabinets!

    Don’t buy Chinese wedding cabinets!

    Like most knitters and sewists, I have yarn and fabric squirreled away in many dark corners. Before we moved in together, I used to have some stuff at my old apartment and some at my parents’ house. After the move, I consolidated my crafting collection and it’s been … well, overwhelming. We put most of […]

  • In which I buy jeans (and a cape)

    In which I buy jeans (and a cape)

    If there’s one thing I – a short-legged person with a big butt – hate with the passion of a thousand fires, it’s trousers shopping. Alas, all three of my jeans gave out during the past couple months! (I’ve had them for years, so I got my money’s worth. I’ll try to mend my black […]

  • Travel Diary: Vienna 2019

    Travel Diary: Vienna 2019

    I’m back from Vienna! I spent most of the time in the archive doing research, but I tried to make the most of the time I had left to explore the city. This was important to me because I had felt rather lonely and depressed during previous research stays there, especially in winter. I made […]

  • So what’s new?

    So what’s new?

    I’m super excited about celebrating Christmas season in our apartment together! Technically, we already had Christmas in our apartment last year, but we had moved in only in November and pretty much everything was still a construction site! Now we’re settled in we can actually enjoy the holidays here and start some traditions of our […]