wolle rödel

  • GAP-tastic Cowl

    GAP-tastic Cowl

    What do you do when your knitting productivity has slowed down considerably over the past couple of years? Well, I can’t really give a perfect solution, but a quick and easy project like the GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley seems to do the trick for me. Also it helps if you bribe yourself with multicolour […]

  • It really was Instant Love!

    It really was Instant Love!

    PROJECT OVERVIEW Pattern: Instant Love by Taiga Hilliards Yarn: Wolle Rödel Polar

  • Something Simple

    Something Simple

    When I wrote about my knitting frustrations a few posts ago, I received very helpful advice from you how I could motivate myself when everything seems to go wrong. Thank you! itwasjudith suggested I start with the project that was the easiest to fix. Jess recommended to knit something very simple to get my knitting […]

  • Whatever will be, will be

    Whatever will be, will be

    I’m trying to be a good knitter at the moment. A really, really good knitter. And it takes all my willpower to do so. What I mean by that, you ask? Well. I’m trying to knit my stash before I buy anymore yarn. What’s more, I’m trying to finish projects that have been living in […]